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My February ’13 in Film

March 1, 2013

February was the month of James Gray rewatches/commentaries, coming close to completing Soderbergh, Bigelow, Jerry Lewis and Michael Mann, and actually completing Kubrick’s features at last (with Fear and Desire), discovering James Toback (Fingers and Exposed unlisted), and confirming that I am not really much of a vulgar auteurist (with more ambivalent reactions to its canon’s works, chiefly Hill’s Johnny Handsome, Tourneur’s Anne of the Indies, Carpenter’s Vampires, and McTiernan’s Nomads). It’s probably no accident that films about complex, charming women impressed me (another being a rewatch of A League of Their Own, which is actually more remarkable for its ‘Scope framing!), and that the male-centric movies tended to possess homosexual subtexts or undertones (Sirk’s Captain Lightfoot providing scaffolding for the Cimino film in this and in its premise).

68 in total:

  1. The Oyster Princess (1919, Lubitsch)
  2. Duo Sang (1994, Wu)
  3. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974, Cimino)
  4. The Sterile Cuckoo (1969, Pakula) and Klute (1971, Pakula)
  5. Rent-a-Cat (2012, Ogigami)
  6. We Won’t Grow Old Together (1972, Pialat)
  7. The Loveless (1982, Bigelow & Montgomery)
  8. The Hanging Tree (1959, Daves)
  9. Sunny (2011, Kang)
  10. The Keep (1983, Mann)
  11. Thursday Till Sunday (2012, Castillo)
  12. Three Lives and Only One Death (1996, Ruiz)
  13. When Will I Be Loved (2004, Toback)
  14. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet! (2012, Resnais)
  15. All the Light in the Sky (2012, Swanberg)

Compelled to mention:

  • Eros (2004, Wong/Soderbergh/Antonioni) mainly for Wong’s segment
  • The ABCs of Death (2012, various) for Dogfight and Orgasm only
  • Side Effects (2013, Soderbergh) for brilliant lensing
  • Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985, Burton)


  • The Man with the Iron Fists (2012, RZA)
  • War (2007, Atwell)
  • The ABCs of Death (2012, various)

Best rewatches:

  • Two Lovers (2008, Gray)
  • We Own the Night (2007, Gray) -and again with commentary
  • Dogville (2003, Trier)
  • Contagion (2011, Soderbergh)
  • Little Odessa (1995, Gray)
  • Die Hard (1988, McTiernan)
  • Contempt (1963, Godard)